When you think you’re too busy to exercise… think again!

Look, we all get it – life is crazy-busy these days!  When it comes right down to it, between work, classes, kids, home maintenance, still trying to find time for sleep and everything else, who can make time for exercise?  It just seems that there is always something else that needs taking care of, and this means that the last thing people usually want to do at the end of the day is think about working out.  FREEZE!  Are you listening to yourself?  Since when is your health and well-being not a top priority?  If we let that slip, things can only go downhill.

Luckily, there are surprisingly convenient ways that help even the busiest people to squeeze some much-needed exercise into their days, done from the comfort of your own home!  So what I’m saying, to make it really simple, is that you CAN find time to work out and get healthy.  It just takes a little creativity!

Go to the playground

It may seem odd for adults to think of trips to the park with such zest, but it really shouldn’t be.  This tip works even better for those who have children.  You will undoubtedly want to spend some quality time with them, so head to the park!  These green spaces are plentiful across most of the country, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one.  Bring a Frisbee, baseball or soccer ball with you.  Relax!  Play!  Enjoy your time together!  This is a total bonus if you are working from home or are a stay-at-home parent.  If you really feel bad about missing that much work, you can always make up an hour or two of work in the evening after the kids have gone to bed.

Make it a point to actually enjoy your lunch break

All too often these days, working people (especially those working from home) tend to just munch on something while plugging away at their computer.  But what many of them don’t realize is that your brain actually needs that time away from your work.  It allows your mind to rest and thus when you get back to work, you will feel refreshed and ready to be productive.

Since you’re eating at your desk or work station at home anyways, why not using some of that time to get some exercise?  Hit the gym, take an afternoon yoga class, try a new sport or go to the local pool and dive in.  Finding activities that you enjoy is a bonus, but it’s even better when it gets your heart pumping and feet moving.

Use this time to network

Working from home can often lead to what I like to call “hibernation mode”.  When you work at home and all you see all day is a computer screen, it sometimes becomes more difficult to find time to interact with people in the real world.  Break this habit at once!!  Take at least one day out of every week, and use that day to get out and network.

The best thing is when you can incorporate fitness into your networking experience.  Try scheduling a lunch break with one of your networking contacts and then walk to the restaurant instead of taking your car.  There are also plenty of events where you will meet new people and get some exercise in the process.

Think of it this way: your business will never grow unless you nurture your network, so that alone should be great motivation to get moving!

Invest in a stationary bike

Every good business owner knows that having the ability to multitask is key to success.  Why not apply that rule to the rest of your life as well?  Invest in a stationary bike (they really are not that expensive).  You can then read emails, reports or keep on top of what’s going on in the business world, all while getting some fitness time in.

As long as your feet are pedaling, you are making progress.  Just keep moving!

Is your phone cordless (and is the range any good)?

If so, try making some of the everyday business calls from the trails or sidewalks around your hose.  If it isn’t too windy, you can even use a Bluetooth to free up your hands.

Besides getting exercise, this tactic may also help to relax you, making you more personable when you’re talking on the phone (this is because you won’t be staring at your to-do list or inbox while trying to have a conversation).

Busy does not mean too busy!

As important as exercise is, all too often it is the first thing to get bumped from our schedules when time gets tight.  “The key is to fit it into your day in a way that doesn’t conflict with anything else” (Karen Bivand, http://www.TheMOMpreneaur.com ).  Just work on making it a habit and it will get easier.  Stick to your newly established fitness schedule as if it is a work priority, and it will pay off in the end!

Sourced from http://www.TheMOMpreneur.com , by Karen Bivand 

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