Tips to Grilling Food in any Season

I know that I have been talking a lot about how sad the arrival of the cooler weather makes us here at Heroic Health, but that’s just because (1) I for the most part really dislike snow, and (2) it marks a temporary pause in the grilling season for many.  Grilling (BBQing) food is one of the absolute healthiest ways that you can cook it.  It literally causes a lot of the fats to melt off, plus the food isn’t cooked sitting in oils or heavy sauces.  The foods tend to cook quickly which saves you time, plus absolutely nothing tastes as good as grilled food in my opinion.

Yup… BBQing in the fall and winter months can be intimidating (and rather chilly!), but that doesn’t mean that you should give it up entirely!  There are alternate methods to achieve the same end result.  Try considering picking up one of these indoor grill models and you will be able to grill long into the coldest days and nights of winter!

Countertop grills: especially when I was back in university and college, George Foreman was one of my best friends.  Their line of countertop grills and their many spin-offs lock in flavour and speeds up cooking time considerably, due to their two hot grilling surfaces.  It folds up and stores away nicely when done, so it really doesn’t get much better than this!

Grill pan: non-stick grilling pans are a hot commodity these days.  They sit right on your stove like any other sauté pan, and many even have raised ridges to get that authentic barbecue look

Grilling range: if you really love the convenience of indoor grilling, you can customize your range top with a built-in grilling element.  This is only for people with a little extra cash to burn though, and maybe those hardcore grillers!


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