Read what some of our clients are saying about us:

Prior to seeking Sean’s professional training, I tried working out on my own in the gym in addition to playing sports once or twice a week. Even though I had been doing that for years, I found that I wasn’t building muscle and getting into the shape I wanted. My wife was being trained by Sean and she highly recommended him to me. I couldn’t agree more – after working out with Sean from June 2012 I am very happy with the results I’ve seen so far.

He measures progress regularly by taking measurements. He consulted with me to see what I am trying to achieve and personalized the program to my goals. If there is anything new that I want to work out on he is definitely open to that.

With a full time job and 3 kids, it’s difficult to find time to go to the gym and be disciplined. So I love the fact that Sean comes to my place to work me out which saves a lot of time. He also brings really good training equipment (like sand bag, adjustable weights, rope etc). He motivates me to workout harder and after 10 weeks of working out with him I have improved my stamina and my upper body it taking a good shape. I feel very energetic and thanks to his workout routines, I have become a better soccer player!

Raj, Brampton

Sean has been my personal fitness trainer for the past five months. When I first started, I was having muscle spasms and had weak muscles. Since then, I have increased muscle tone and have less muscle spasms all due to his expertise in providing a training program that takes into account my disability (cerebral palsy).

With having cerebral palsy, I am not able to transfer without assistance which most trainers feel uncomfortable doing but with Sean’s assistance I am able to use different machines in the gym which I would otherwise not have been able to do. Sean instructs me on a modified program such as if I cannot get full range of my arms then he has me hold the exercise longer or do more repetitions to get the full effect of the exercise. Sean incorporates in my program all my muscles even though my legs can be a difficult challenge.

Each week Sean encourages me which builds my confidence. I would recommend Sean to anyone especially to someone with a disability as Sean has shown me he is very capable and knowledgeable in personal fitness training.

- Patrick, Acton

I signed up with Sean McCombe from Heroic Health & Well-Being while I was on Maternity leave. I had been trying to lose weight on my own and was finding it difficult to lose the last 10 pounds. I had been going to classes with my 9 month old daughter – Zumba and swimming, but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. So I called Sean. He was very flexible with booking the appointment and met me in my Condo gym. I quickly realized it was so much better to work with a personal trainer because Sean was pushing me a lot harder then I could ever work out on my own. I also kept a food diary for the first 2 weeks to monitor my eating habits and Sean gave me suggestions on what I was doing wrong (eg. portion sizes are too large and too many carbs). Since I am a vegetarian, he also sent me a list of recipe ideas to try.

I only met Sean once a week because of my crazy schedule with a small baby and now being back at work. But he would send me homework assignments on what exercise to do and how much cardio to do during the week. Sean catered the homework workouts so they were convenient and quick (2 – 20 min workouts that he showed me at the last session done in my living room + 1 – 30 min run).
I started to see results quickly. Before I knew it I was fitting into all of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Every 6 weeks we did our weight-in and measurements. Each time I noticed how my endurance and stamina had improved. I even had family members and friends comment on my weight loss and wanted to know my secret!!

Overall my experience with Sean has been excellent. I would recommend him to anyone. Even though I have always considers myself an active person, the benefits of having a personal trainer do not compare to working out on your own. He is very flexible, approachable and friendly guy, but he can be tough when he needs to be. Sean has helped me achieve my fitness goals and I am sure he can do the same for you!

- Monika, Mississauga

Working this summer with Sean has brought me from doing nothing to enjoying working out, and training my body. I never realised how invaluable a good trainer is until I met Sean. With positive motivation and a can-do attitude, I’ve come to really enjoy working out properly, and love the strength and stamina I now have. Will be continuing to train with Sean in the future for possible triathalons.

- Wendy, Dundas

Sean started working with me in 2005. since then, I have become stronger and more flexible through stretching and strengthening. The exercises have helped my ability to walk. Also, I have been able to participate more successfully in sports and other activities. Working out has been and continues to be a good way for me to relieve stress. With Sean as my trainer, exercising has been a very positive experience.

- Nathan, Oakville

They were just amazing, I started with them to get in shape with my busy work schedule; as an athlete I need to be able to get in great shape in very little time and they were able to do the job. The training sessions were fun and competitive and there was a lot of variety. The scheduling was great because I was able to fit in training between work and games and I am now in the best shape ever!

- Silvia, Burlington