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Teehee… sorry butter

Just to make you all giggle on this beautiful Sunday night… The American Heart Association recommends no more than 5-6% of total calories from saturated fat for a heart-healthy diet, which is just about the amount vegans typically consume. Add

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Excuses, excuses….

Does this sound at all familiar? For years, too many people have been making excuses for why they are carrying around those extra pounds. But do you want the truth? Get ready for it… It’s the food and exercise decisions that

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Low-fat issues

The words “low fat” can be deceiving. Sure, it can be a healthy choice to start consuming lower fat items, and there are numerous benefits that your body will notice after following a lower fat eating plan for a few

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Whittle Your Middle

Still struggling to fit into those summer skirts?  Here’s one move that will help to give you a trim, toned waistline — oblique crunches! Here’s how: Lie on your back with your spine pressed firmly against the floor — no

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