Sugar cravings? No problem!

Like we have said before, dealing with cravings is a very typical problem when people are trying to lose weight. Craving sugar is one of the most common problems. While avoiding the sugary celebrations is no fun, neither is dealing with a post-sugar-binge hangover. To top it all off, the more sugar you eat, the more you crave. Did you know that it can take a few days to weeks to get over an addiction to refined sugar once you start??

If you know that resisting all the fun-size temptations as much as you can is no fun, simply read on to discover some nutritionist-approved strategies that will keep you on the right track.

  1. Positive thinking is key: set yourself up for success by telling yourself that YOU GOT THIS! Your words and thoughts are powerful things. If you believe that resisting sugar is going to be hard, then it will be hard. Change that negative self-talk if you are going to take control of your diet and your health. Believe you can do this!
  2. If you are going to indulge, be strategic: if you know that you’re going to indulge, go for seasonal sweets that you know you can’t get when it’s not the holidays. Some things you can easily get any time of the year, but things that are seasonal like candy corn or eggnog are often only available during this time of the year. Just remember that just because these treats are only available for a limited time doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Practice portion control by having a plan before any party that you go to this holiday season
  3. Recognize that the cravings you are experiencing may actually be for something else entirely: before reaching for that junk food that you think you are craving, think about what you really need. It is easy to mistake thirst for hunger or cravings. People can easily mistake thirst for hunger or cravings. That dip in energy that sends you hunting for a snack is often just a sign of nothing more than dehydration. So hydrate and hydrate and hydrate. Drink water, not juice or soda. Having three protein-rich meals and two protein-rich snacks every day will also help you to help you resist cravings
  4. Try to avoid letting yourself actually get hungry: we’ve all done it… that bowl of leftover Halloween candy only has maybe five or six little bags of sweet stuff or small candy bars in it. Surely that teeny tiny little amount of junk food won’t set us back all THAT much… right? Maybe not so much. But you can set yourself up for success by eating a balanced meal or a snack every three to four hours. This will keep you feeling full longer and help your tummy not think that it needs that fix
  5. Don’t be hatin': tried your best, but couldn’t resist the siren song of holiday treats? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Everybody slips up sometimes. Simply allow yourself to forgive yourself. Forgiving and being kind to others (as well as yourself) will boost your self-esteem and gratitude for what you have (thus combating the negative self-talk that can send you running for the cookie jar). Plus, it gives you the same endorphin rush as sugar does. Your body won’t even notice the difference!

So in short, don’t sweat it! Sugar cravings are extremely common and most people will experience them at some point.  Try applying these easy tricks and see if you become stronger for it!

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