Stretch out your stress with yoga

How does yoga help to sooth stress?  Let us count the ways.  Best Health asked for insights from David Good, a yoga instructor at studios including Breathe Yoga Studio in Toronto.  He is also a Lululemon Ambassador.

“I believe in opening the mind and heart to a new way of thinking about your body and potential,” he says, adding yoga can help you feel less stressed in these three ways.

It provides muscle relief
From shoulders to neck, hips and lower back, yoga releases tension due to stress in these major store houses by lengthening the muscles and creating gaps between joints and bones.

It promotes health organs
Yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, Good says.

“Whereas the sympathetic nervous system is your ‘fight or flight’ trigger, the parasympathetic nervous system helps you relax by lowering your blood pressure, strengthening your digestion and boosting your immune system.

It gets you fit inside and out
A healthy workout is good for the body and soul.  Yoga helps you become leaner, build muscle and de-clutter your conscience.

You can find David Good of Breathe Yoga Studio at 2803 Dundas Street West in Toronto.

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Sourced from Metro News, Tuesday September 24th, 2013 – Wellness 

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