Start today!

Fitness, like many things in life, is a choice.  You can choose to be fit… or you can choose not to worry about it.  You can choose to work out, eat right, stay active… and yet, how many people actually do this regularly?

It is my challenge to the community for the rest of this week – CHOOSE TO BE FIT AND HEALTHY!  GET ACTIVE!!  The weather is starting to warm up, so go for a walk!  Get out your bicycle already!  Hit the gym!  There are countless options and ways to get moving this new year, so try and take advantage of some of them  :)


It’s never too late to make a positive change! Life is best taken in baby steps



(Many thanks to MotiFITNESSSation for the cool graphic and reminder that we need to start by changing the little things.  Check them out on facebook at )


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