Say “NO!” to Walmart produce!

**(PLEASE NOTE: the following may be considered to be a bit like a rant, but it is based on my personal opinion and should not be taken as anything more than that. You are also entitled to your own opinion and to pass your own judgement on Walmart.)**

The amount of Walmart stores that are now selling “fresh” produce is sickening. And by sickening, I mean chemical-laden, genetically-modified, all-sorts-of-gross sickening. Had you heard that Walmart is now the number one player in the grocery industry? That’s right. And it has been able to gain and maintain this position because it keeps its costs below the industry level (Walmart grocery prices are 8% to 27% lower than those of other leading grocery stores).

Have you seen the quality of Walmart produce?

There were trends that were noticed among the households that remained loyal to the local supermarket. These households were more likely to buy fresh produce, seafood and meal replacements such as deli sandwiches or pre-made salads from their other supermarkets before they would buy them from Walmart. This finding suggests that traditional supermarkets may be more successful than Walmart at providing quality meat and produce (the shopper’s choice).

But just because you CAN be produce and other “fresh” foods from Walmart, SHOULD YOU? Think about organic produce, which carries buckets of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other natural things that should be in all fruits and veggies… plus it’s picked closer to the date on which you purchase it. But Walmart produce is often left sitting in warehouses, plus it isn’t anywhere near as local as you would get from a farmer’s market! And sure, it most certainly looks big and bright… but the chemicals that are fed to the plants to get them to grow that way rob them of any actual flavour.

If you have seen the quality of the produce available at Walmart, you may have been deceived. Their produce is big, bright and crunchy-looking. It actually can manage to give the impression that it should be quite tasty upon consumption. But once you put those fruits and veggies in your mouth, that’s when they start to fail.

The taste just isn’t quite right, and although they are all nice and crispy-looking, I want you to think about something for a second… picture a piece of Walmart produce, say a red pepper. Now picture an organic red pepper right beside it. Now when you think about the Walmart pepper, ask yourself – “IS ANY SELF-RESPECTING PEPPER NORMALLY THAT BIG AND BRIGHT???”

The answer to that, my friends, would be a resounding NO! But most modern-day produce that is available at your local grocery stores has been altered, either through genetics or fertilizers, to become Franken-fruit.

CHOOSE ORGANIC! Support your local farms and farmers. You’ll be doing better for yourself as well as the rest of the world.



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