Satisfied clients = happy trainers!

As we would imagine most trainers do, here at Heroic Health & Well-Being, we always take great pride in our clients who achieve their fitness goals… but it’s even better when they like us so much that they blog about us!

  “My personal fitness journey has led me just about everywhere on the charts. I have been stick thin, a fair bit too heavy, and just about everywhere in between. I am currently SOOOOOOO CLOSE to my goal weight, and that is likely also due to being with Sean. We make a great team.  So when Sean and I got together about ten years ago, I had a bunch of health and fitness goals (this is a practice that I have kept up for most of my life)… but I was nowhere close to actually achieving any of them. We were both in university at the time, and nowhere near as informed as we are today! But over ten years, the two of us have worked together to get in shape. We plan our meals together and eat as healthfully as we can. He is my favourite workout buddy, and also pushes me when I get lazy. Sean is basically exactly what I needed to start down the path toward better fitness.” ( )

   Even our head trainer Sean’s wife, Veronika, trains with us! In fact, as she says, she has been a devoted client for almost ten whole years! We work as a team so that we are both constantly improving our fitness and state of health (this was also the inspiration behind our Buddy Program).

  As Veronika puts it, “Sean is exactly the ‘hero’ that I needed to get pumped up about being in shape!” Who is YOUR fitness hero?

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