Replace that junk food with these!

  Spring is nearly here (which excites us at Heroic Health a fair bit)!!  But for those of us with families, that can mean that we are getting tired of packing healthy lunches for the kids at school by this point.  I mean, come on – we have been at it since September!  With summer still months away, it can be all too easy to just grab those pre-packaged garbage snacks at the store for their lunches.

FEAR NOT!  Heroic Health to the rescue!!

Pretend that it’s Sunday evening.  You’re getting everything ready for the week ahead, and things are going pretty good.  But what if I could show you a simple way to ensure that everyone gets healthy snacks in their lunches all week long?

It’s quite simple actually – take a few minutes on Sunday evening to peel, core and chop up a variety of fruits and veggies, then put them in tupperwares in the fridge and dish them out into lunches as you need them.  It’s sooooo easy!!  And that way, you will be ensuring that the whole family is eating healthy for the entire week.


Try replacing your family’s unhealthy, sugar-laden snacks with cut up fruits and veggies for an easy way to make lunches healthier!



(So many thanks to the Food Inc. facebook page for the graphic!  Check them out online at )

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