Our top 6 tips to help you MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE!

As 2014 draws to a close, the team at Heroic Health headquarters has been reminiscing and remembering all of the great moments of the year gone by. This has been a year of great personal growth, huge physical improvements, dreaming big, solidifying careers, and learning more about living life to the fullest. It’s been a wild ride! But it has also led us to question, how can we be certain that we really are living life to the FULLEST?

Well this thought caused us to start to ponder, and so we have compiled a list of our Top 6 Ways To Help You Maximize Your Life. Try these out and see if they enhance your own life!

  • Exercise: of course this would be our #1… It’s as simple as getting your heart rate up; it doesn’t have to be a full heavy workout. Aim for 30 minutes in the morning that pumps you up and makes you feel awake from the inside out
  • Write down your goals: imagine what your ideal life would look like. What steps will you have to take to get there? Decide what they are, and then write them down! Then post them where you will see them frequently and read them every chance you get
  • Visualize your ideal outcomes: create an image on the film projector in your mind of how you will achieve what you desire. Picture the steps you have to take to get there, and then don’t forget to dream big about the outcomes you will achieve! Creating a Vision Board is a great way to make this a daily thought
  • Commit to something that you think you can’t achieve: pick one thing (start with only one!) which might give a small reward, but that will have momentous significance to you personally if (when!) you achieve it. It can be anything, but make sure that it has some significance to you personally
  • Take action: start small, but make sure that START MAKING CHANGES and MOVE TOWARD YOUR GOALS! Remember, any movement in the right direction can be seen as progress!
  • Make sure that you celebrate the results: it’s important to celebrate the achievement of our goals, because it actually encourages our subconscious to continuously set and work towards new goals! It’s like you are congratulating your “inner you” for achieving something great, and motivating yourself for the next big steps in your journey. So go out and celebrate! And cherish every second of it

Remember these tips and follow them diligently, and you will never again find yourself saying “there’s no way that I can do this” or “I am just not good enough” to yourself again.

Having a little bit of belief in yourself goes a long way toward if you will achieve your goals or not. Aim high, but keeps the steps manageable. You can do it!

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