Our bicycling program is up and running as of Sunday April 27th!

Do you own a bicycle (and know how to ride it)?  Do you love the warmer months?   Then you, my friend, are in luck!

Heroic Health & Well-Being is pleased to be re-introducing our biking program.  Bike4Health is all about building endurance, gaining muscle and getting fit while having fun.  This family- and friend-oriented group welcomes anyone that can ride a bike whose goal is to get more fit this spring and summer.

Cycling has been proven to be beneficial for your heart, muscles, waistline, extending your lifespan, improving your co-ordination, and improving your mental health and immune system.  The goal with this program is to foster community building, while improving health and overall life satisfaction.  

The program will run from Sunday April 27th, 2014, until Sunday September 28th, 2014.  We will travel on our bicycles around the Waterfront Trail in Oakville and Mississauga on Sunday mornings (Oakville), Wednesday mornings (Mississauga), Friday afternoons (Mississauga) and Saturday afternoons (Oakville).  If you would like to join us, all you have to do is call to secure your spot, then show up with your bike and helmet and get ready to roll!

   If you would like to secure your spot as a participant on any given day during the season, please call us before you show up at 905-617-0348.  **PLEASE NOTE: helmets are not optional.  It does not matter how old you are or how good of a biker you think you are – helmets save lives.  Please cooperate and wear yours**

   Scheduling works as follows:

  • Sunday - 10:00am, Oakville.  Meet at Coronation Park by the east parking lot
  • Wednesday – 8:30am, Mississauga.  Meet at Lakeside Park, 2266 Lakeshore Road (Southdown and Lakeshore)
  • Friday – 4:00pm, Mississauga.  Meet at Lakeside Park, 2266 Lakeshore Road (Southdown and Lakeshore)
  • Saturday – 2:00pm, Oakville. Meet at Coronation Park by the east parking lot

We are also going to be introducing a brand new Bike Training Program!  This bike-intensive program has been designed to train all of the muscles in your body that are necessary for cycling, while toning all of your muscle and making you look great!  For more information on prices for this new program, please visit http://www.heroic-health.com/prices/ and scroll down to the end where the Bike4Health program pricing information is.

  If all you want to do is bike with the group, participation is free!  See http://www.heroic-health.com/prices/ (scroll all the way to the bottom) to see our prices.


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