“New Year,New You” Meal Plan – week 3

Welcome to 2015!! This new year represents a new start, a fresh chance to really get going on your health and fitness goals. New years are a fresh chance to really get moving on changing how you live your life to make it healthier, happier and more effective. Heroic Health has put together a meal plan guide that will take you through the next month or so… when you follow these menu guidelines and combine them with our “New Year, New You” workout, you WILL see results!

You see, you really are what you eat! By now you’ll have more energy, clearer skin, improved digestion, a trimmer figure and a stronger immune system.

So, here we go! The third week’s worth of meals! Remember: any and all of these dishes are flexible and can be substituted for another dish of relatively similar nutritional value.



BREAKFAST: 4 rye crisp breads with cottage cheese and a handful of grapes

LUNCH: Jacket potato with egg-and-cress mayo (made using reduced-fat mayonnaise) and salad. Plus 1 Satsuma for dessert

DINNER: Sticky soy beef in do-fo-run with garlic mushrooms . Plus a bowl of fruit salad.

SNACKS: 1 pear and 50g unsalted cashew nuts


BREAKFAST: Bowl of bran flakes with chopped dried dates, 1 tbsp. chopped mixed nuts and semi-skimmed milk

LUNCH: Whole wheat pasta salad with 2 tbsp. each red kidney and cannellini beans, sweetcorn, salad veg and fat-free dressing

DINNER: Vegetable lasagne (pick a supermarket healthy eating ready meal) with salad. Plus low-fat tiramisu

SNACKS: 4 sesame seed- covered breadsticks


BREAKFAST: Home-made porridge (made with water/no salt) with dried apricots and a drizzle of honey. Plus 1 glass grapefruit juice to drink

LUNCH: Tin or carton of low-fat carrot and coriander soup. Serve with 2 slices wholegrain toast

DINNER: Turkey fajitas with fajita seasoning and veg, cooked in a spray of oil. 2 tortillas, salsa, 2 tbsp. soured cream and 2 tbsp. grated Cheddar

SNACKS: 1 small pot low-fat yogurt and 1 apple


BREAKFAST: 1 banana, low-fat natural yogurt and semi-skimmed milk smoothie. Bowl of sultana bran with semi-skimmed milk and strawberries

LUNCH: Wholegrain roll with low-fat spread, 2 slices lean ham and tomato. Plus 1 punnet of blueberries and a cereal bar

DINNER: Salmon and ginger fishcakes with sweet-and-sour salad . Serve each with 1 jacket potato with 1 tbsp. reduced-fat crème fraîche

SNACKS: 50g sunflower seeds


BREAKFAST: Wholemeal scone topped with low-fat spread and jam. Plus 1 apple for dessert

LUNCH: Moroccan spiced soup with jewelled couscous

DINNER: Chicken stir-fry made with sunflower oil, mixed veg, cashew nuts, brown rice. Plus a bowl of fresh fruit salad

SNACKS: Bowl of salad topped with 1 hard-boiled egg  


BREAKFAST: Bowl of bran flakes with semi-skimmed milk and blueberries

LUNCH: Tuna, fennel and white bean salad

DINNER: Grilled rump steak with baked potato wedges (brushed with olive oil), grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, and salad. Enjoy a bowl of fresh fruit salad for dessert

SNACKS: Small piece of home-made flapjack


BREAKFAST: 2 scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes on 1 slice wholegrain toast with low-fat spread and pomegranate juice

LUNCH: Tuna mayo sandwich made with wholegrain bread, canned tuna in water and reduced-fat mayo. Plus 1 apple for dessert

DINNER: Balti prawn parcels with spinach rice. Serve with 1 grilled skinless chicken breast

SNACKS: 1 small pot low-fat yogurt and a bowl of sultana bran with semi-skimmed milk

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