“New Year, New You Plan” – the food

Welcome to 2015 everyone!! This new year is a fresh start, a new chance to hit those goal markers and achieve big things! So if you have goals for this year that include things like getting in better shape or eating healthier, then maybe you ought to have a look at this…

Heroic Health & Well-Being has designed a program called our “New Year, New You Plan”. It includes a sample meal plan and exercises to do daily that will help you to reach your goals. Our easy-to-follow meal plan is designed to make meal times fun and yummy for the whole family! The fact that everything is super simple to prepare is just a bonus.

The meals included in here are simply suggestions to help you attain maximum results, but if it includes something that you are not a fan of, feel free to substitute something that you feel is equally healthy. Most of these recipes can be found through a simple Google search, but if you have any cookbooks laying around, feel free to improvise and use something similar if you like.

Click through the menus to help you plan out your grocery list for the next few weeks… aim for whole foods, green veggies and lots of water. Feel free to comment with your progress if you care to share! PLEASE NOTE: The weekly menus will be added as the weeks pass, so some of them are queued but not posted yet. Just keep checking back to catch the latest menus.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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