“New Year, New You“ Meal Plan – week 4

Welcome to 2015!! This new year represents a new start, a fresh chance to really get going on your health and fitness goals. New years are a fresh chance to really get moving on changing how you live your life to make it healthier, happier and more effective. This Heroic Health & Well-Being meal plan has guided you through an entire month of eating healthier… how do you feel? How do you look? This is a BIG accomplishment! One that should be celebrated! But with one last week of eating and living healthy to go, we simply cannot fall off the wagon just yet…..

All we have left is the fourth and final week’s worth of healthy meals to get through! Remember: any and all of these dishes are flexible and can be substituted for another dish of relatively similar nutritional value.



BREAKFAST: Bowl of bran flakes with semi-skimmed milk, 3 chopped Brazil nuts, 1 banana and 1 glass orange juice

LUNCH: Wholemeal pitta, crudités with tzatziki made with low-fat natural yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, grated cucumber. Enjoy a handful of grapes for dessert

DINNER: Yakitori chicken, plus 1 meringue nest with strawberries and 1 scoop vanilla ice cream

SNACKS: 1 currant bun


BREAKFAST: Toasted Granary bagel with low-fat soft cheese and 1 smoked salmon slice. Bowl of fresh fruit salad

LUNCH: Salad of lettuce, 1 skinless grilled chicken breast, 1 boiled egg and baked croutons with a little olive oil, 1 tbsp. Parmesan and 2 tbsp. reduced-fat Caesar dressing

DINNER: Picchi-Picchi spaghetti with prawns and chili

SNACKS: 50g unsalted cashew nuts


BREAKFAST: Toasted Granary bagel with low-fat spread and honey, 1 banana and 1 glass orange juice

LUNCH: Wholemeal pitta filled with grilled skinless chicken breast, watercress and reduced-fat mayo with salad. Plus a handful of grapes for dessert

DINNER: Chargrilled steak with roasted squash

SNACKS: 1 slice wholemeal toast with reduced-fat liver pâté and tomato


BREAKFAST: Smoothie made from mango, banana, passion fruit and melon. Plus a bowl of bran flakes with semi-skimmed milk

LUNCH: 2 poached eggs on 2 slices wholegrain toast with low-fat spread

DINNER: Paprika-spiced pork. Serve with baked potato wedges brushed with a little olive oil, and a salad

SNACKS: 5 dried apricots and 50g unsalted hazelnuts


BREAKFAST: Fresh fruit salad topped with 1 small pot low-fat natural yogurt and 2 tbsp. each oats and bran flakes

LUNCH: Baked stuffed tomatoes filled with lemon, basil and Parmesan rice, plus a green salad

DINNER: Lean beef fillet and veg stir-fry with Chinese five spice and 1 tbsp. reduced-salt soy sauce with whole wheat noodles cooked in 1 tsp sunflower oil

SNACKS: 1 banana and 50g unsalted cashew nuts


BREAKFAST: 1 small wholegrain roll with 1 grilled reduced-fat sausage and tomato. Plus 1 glass grapefruit juice to drink

LUNCH: Salad made from 2 slices lean ham, pineapple chunks, ½ ripe mango, 1 slice cantaloupe melon, cooked brown rice and fat-free dressing

DINNER: Cod en papillote with tomatoes and pesto . Serve with 10cm piece Granary baguette and a green salad

SNACKS: 50g sunflower seeds


BREAKFAST: Bowl of bran flakes with chopped dried apricots, 1 tbsp. raisins and 1 tsp. sunflower seeds with semi-skimmed milk

LUNCH: 10cm piece Granary baguette with 50g reduced-fat Ardennes pâté, cherry tomatoes and a green salad

DINNER: 3 slices lean roast lamb, 2 roast potatoes, steamed greens, peas and carrots with gravy and mint sauce. Plus lemon and lime granita

SNACKS: 2 Satsuma’s

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