How do you dress YOUR salad?

Everyone should already know all about the health benefits that come from eating salad-based meals… but what they may not realize is that these meals are only healthy SANS DRESSING!  That means… no more creamy, thick, delicious things like Cool Ranch and Creamy Caesar.  And this most certain can put a damper on people’s enthusiasm when they are thinking of trying to live healthier, only to find that one of things that many people love the very most about salads is on the no-no list.

But FEAR NOT!!  Salvation is at hand, in the form of your own imagination!  When you create your own salad dressings from scratch, not only are they much healthier but you also have complete and total control over what goes into them.  And that is pretty sweet  :)

Check out this recipe for a basic (and basically-soooo-yummy!) salad dressing that can used on any number of salad ingredient combinations:


It’s healthier AND tastier!


Many thanks to the God’s Garden of Eden Facebook page for the amazing information! 

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