How dense are your calories?

We all (hopefully) know that we should only be consuming a certain amount of calories each day, right? But the trouble is that too many people have absolutely no idea just how much food actually makes up that many calories! Or they are eating the wrong types of food (an extremely common problem), in the wrong quantities. Isn’t there any way for people to know how much of certain types of food they should be eating? It sure would be nice if there were some sort of graphic that showed exactly how much food we should be having…  WAIT! Fear not! There is exactly that sort of thing, right here.

Beautifully displays just how much of certain types of food we should be eating

Beautifully displays just how much of certain types of food we should be eating

Oils (fats) are something that you really should not be eating all that much of. Chicken (which is a healthier meat, so this would be the absolute highest amount that you would want to eat of any meat) and other meats should be consumed in moderation, and always ensure that they are properly cooked!! Using a meat thermometer is an amazingly easy way to make extra sure that your meat is cooked through. But veggies and fruits are unlimited! So eat up, as they contain so many “good for you” components like vitamins and other nutrients, that your body typically just cannot get enough! Balance is the most important thing when it comes to meal prep and planning. You want to aim to have as many bright and vibrant colours on your plate as possible, complimented by whole grains and healthy fats and proteins. If you are interested in learning more about how to properly plan your meals for optimal health benefits and balance, book an appointment with Heroic Health & Well-Being today! We will help get you on the right track right from day one. You can reach us at (905) 617-0348 or at

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