Hazardous ingredients that may be hidden in your food

As hard as Health Canada may try, there really is no way that they can completely control all of the ingredients that the manufacturers put in our food.  If you are going organic, it is a bit easier to avoid some of these ingredients (which are actually quite harmful to your health), but otherwise you really have to be on the look-out.

Check out this list and start watching the list of ingredients in the foods you consume day to day.  One thing to remember is that vegetables have none of these things!!! This is simply because they are 100% natural with no additives or junk.  “Food for thought”…..


These additives have no nutritional value and are actually quite harmful to your body

Avoid these “secret ingredients” in your food… They may not have a taste or smell sometimes, but they DO have harmful consequences!  Some of these things aren’t even food, but will still harm your body.


Graphic courtesy of The Canadian Health Food Association

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