Grilling Timing Guide

I don’t know about you, but for us at the Heroic Health headquarters homestead (how’s that for a lot of h’s?) LOVE to grill! BBQ season never really ends for us, and we have been spotted outside in the middle of February, during a snowstorm, bundled up in everything but snowpants, but still holding a set of BBQ tongs and yelling at the window (that is usually closed because it’s, you know, winter) “ALMOST READY!! I’d day just two minutes to go…”

Hey, I’m sure we are far from being the ONLY Canadians to brave the cold and the snow just to get a taste of perfectly grilled food any time of the year.

But then there are the times (and we have all been there) when you don’t time it quite right, or maybe you’re just preoccupying yourself inside and getting other stuff ready, making you forget the food outside on the grill… and you go over the recommended cooking time… and BAM! Burnt food. I don’t know about you, but my personal preference is definitely not having little charred bits of food fall off onto my plate alongside my mashed potatoes. Give me medium-well any day!

So Veronika, who is our master chef here at Heroic Health, did some research and came up with this table of guidelines. We like it because it’s simple, concise, covers just about everything, and is easy to understand and reference quickly. We thought that we should share it with you, because even for those who wouldn’t call themselves Winter BBQers, spring and summer are just around the corner!

tender grilling steaks, 1” / 2.5cm, 5 – 8 minutes, Direct high, 140F / 60C medium
hamburger, ¾” / 2cm, 8–10 minutes, Direct high, 160F / 71C

loin, rib or shoulder chops, 1” / 2.5cm, 8–12 minutes, Direct medium, 140F / 60C medium

chop, ¾” / 2cm, 6 – 8 minutes, Direct medium-high, 160F / 71C
sausages(fresh), 375 to 500g, 20–25 minutes, Direct medium, 160F / 71C
tenderloin, 15–20 minutes, Direct medium, 160F / 71C
ribs, 1 kg each rack, 3 hours, Indirect low, 160F / 71C

boneless/skinless breast, 8–12 minutes, Direct medium, 165F / 75C
boneless/skinless thighs, 10–15 minutes, Direct medium, 165F / 75C

breast with skin and bone, 750g, 45 – 60 minutes, Indirect medium, 165F / 75C (cover with foil, stand 10 mins)

boneless breast, 250g, Sear: 3 – 4 minutes / Grill: 6 – 8 minutes, Direct medium 165F / Indirect medium

Trout fillets:
½ – 1” / 1 – 2.5cm, 5 – 10 minutes, Direct high, 125–130F / 52–55C

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