Eating for maximum weight loss

You have no idea how frequently we get asked for help with weight management. I mean, sure… we are a personal training and fitness service, and so this is a normal natural thing. But two or three times per day, every day, people come to us, completely confused or stuck as to what they ought to be eating to make the biggest difference in their weight loss and health mission.

One thing that everyone needs to realize is that weight loss does NOT have a cookie cutter fix! Herbal Magic helps drain your wallet along with your waist, Weight Watchers really teaches you nothing of use about food, and who even knows what Dr. Oz has going on this week! Is there any chance of finding direction or assistance in this mixed-up world?

Fear not! Heroic Health & Well-Being to the rescue! Here are some of our thoughts as to why you are struggling to lose those extra pounds:

  • You are eating too many carbs: what do a sweet potato, hummus and a slice of bread all have in common? Those three foods are all huge sources of carbohydrates. Different in their nutritional components, gluten/gluten free status and vitamins, but essentially they are all carbs. It’s surprising what an impact consuming too many carbs can have on your waistline! Too many people consume WAY too many carbs than their bodies actually need. This also affects the next point…
  • You don’t eat enough fat: fats used to be labeled as the root of disease in the 80’s, which meant we were left with way too many low-fat, “light” products, which increased the carbs and the sugars to help keep the taste. Fat makes us happy… full and happy. It curbs cravings, keeps our skin and hair healthy, and even helps us make happy brain hormones. But the thing is that there are GOOD FATS and there are BAD FATS. Coconut, avocado, olive, nuts, and yes, sometimes even butter all have a place your life and on your plate
  • Your nutrient deficiencies are getting in the way of you achieving your optimal health: medications, health conditions and restricted diets can all leave you missing some of the important links in your metabolism that may be slowing it down. Diabetes medication drops your vitamin B12, birth control depletes vitamin B6, cholesterol drugs lower your testosterone, and Tylenol depletes your body’s antioxidant supply. Add a few years of taking medication into your history and likely you’ve got new problems to worry about. These “small” problems aren’t to be overlooked if your metabolism is off balance. Get your medication list checked! You might be surprised to learn what an effect some of them can have on your body and its functioning

There are ways that you should tweak your exercise routine as well, if you want to achieve maximum benefits:

  • You need to increase your workout time and intensity: so many times, people will go to the gym and start up a fantastic workout routine. They might even get into a rhythm and start working out just like that regularly. What they may not realize is that this doesn’t work after a while! If your body comes to expect what is coming next (like which exercise you are about to do), if will compensate and you will not receive the same benefit as you would by mixing it up. try changing up your workout routine as often as you can to keep your body guessing
  • How’s your cardio?: cardio is the single most important thing you must do if you want to achieve maximum fat loss, no exceptions. This doesn’t mean that you should totally forget about the weights, the stretching, the hardcore reps and the sweating until you are exhausted – all it means is that you should be pushing yourself. Aim for 4 sessions per week, for 20 to 25 minute intervals. After you are done (if you have done it right), your shirt should be soaked in sweat and you should feel close to exhausted

It’s so easy to plateau when you are trying to get in shape! But this doesn’t mean that it is time to give up. It means that you need to change up your routine, try something new, push yourself harder, and go to your limit! Fitness is never an easy journey. It is hard and sweaty and can be quite tedious at times. But you know what the groovy thing is?

It’s always totally worth it in the end!

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