Eat less from a box

At Heroic Health, we have been preaching about the merit and value of fresh produce (so fruits and vegetables) since even before we began our company. They are some of the most healthy things that you can eat. They are in plentiful abundance (they are everywhere), and can tend to be on the inexpensive side.

So why then are people still eating take-out cheeseburgers and drinking soda??

This question has baffled us here at Heroic Health Headquarters for so long now, but luckily it seems that the media is starting to take a turn toward pushing a healthier lifestyle.

So then, what can we do to actually follow through with this knowledge?

It’s simple.

1) Eat more fresh produce!! Avoid pre-made, processed junk whenever possible. ¬†Go to your local farmer’s markets and check out the huge veggie section at most grocery stores

2) Cut out the soda pop. Entirely.

3) Drink water all day, every day. It’s REALLY difficult to over-hydrate yourself, and dehydration sucks. Water flushes toxins out of your system, clears your skin and makes it glow, helps control calories (it has zero), helps energize your muscles, and helps your kidneys. Do you need more reasons than that?

4) Go green! Use lower-watt lightbulbs, turn off the lights when you aren’t in the room, conserve water and just live “green and clean”

5) Get out and play! Seriously, adults are allowed time to goof off just as much as kids are. Go out and have a great time acting crazy with your friends
To sum it all up, water is one of the best things for you! So drink up!! And eat green and clean.

Pre-made and pre-packaged foods are absolutely terrible for your health! Avoid them whenever possible.


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