Barrier-Free Fitness (our Disability Program)

Heroic Health is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind Barrier-Free Fitness program.

We offer this program to individuals who are 13 to 65 years old who have cognitive, physical and/or intellectual disabilities.  Our program is designed to aid in weight loss or control, while helping to build strength and improve balance, flexibility and co-ordination.  All of our programs are run by Sean McCombe, our head trainer, who holds a Bachelor of Physical Education degree, with a major in Disability Studies.

To participate in this program, we ask that all individuals meet the following criteria:

  • Individual needs to be able to function in a small gym / studio setting
  • Individual needs to be able to focus and follow instructions
  • Any interested people who are below age 13 will be referred to The BODiWORKS Centre (Mississauga, ON)
  • All sessions are to be run in a small gym / studio setting unless client requires a stretching / flexibility program only or has home equipment they would strongly prefer to use

If you are interested in the program, we ask that you contact us personally to talk about your options.  As with our other programs, package deals are available. We are also able to accept special services at home.


Payment Options: Cash, Cheque or PayPal

3 day trial $80 total ($180 value) $90.40 with tax
10 sessions $35 per session ($350 total, $678.00 value) $395.50 with tax
15 sessions $32 per session ($480 total, $900.00 value) $542.40 with tax
20 sessions $29 per session ($580 total, $1243.00 value value) $655.40 with tax

Success Stories

We work with clients with a wide range of disabilities.  Exercises are tailored to be focused on what will help each client’s individual disability the most, and as their programs evolve over time, improvements are noted and the exercises are altered to bring even more benefit to the client.

These pictures are of our head trainer Sean working with a client who has Cerebral Palsy (CP).  You can see the different things that they work on to get the most out of each session:


Sean will assist the client when needed, but encourages independence as well


Although this client wears leg braces, Sean will encourage him to use the muscles as much as possible during their workouts


Upper body strength is key for clients who use wheelchairs, so exercises like chin-ups are prescribed to enhance those muscles


Free weights are used whenever possible, because removing the stability of the machine causes more muscles to fire up