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Take a guess how healthy blackberries are… come on, I’ll bet you can’t. Even though most people are aware that blackberries are fruits, and thus contain a whole lot of healthy particles, many people don’t know this neato proven-by-science tidbit…

Blackberries are chock full of nutrients that are great for you and your body. Do you eat them regularly? If not, how come?

Blackberry Extract Suppresses 67% of Cervical Cancer Cells In Vitro!


A study was done in which showed that an extract of freeze-dried blackberries reduced the proliferation (growth) of three different types of human cervical cancer cells by up to 67%, and markedly increased the amount of cancer cell death (by up to 10-fold). On top of that, blackberries are one of the richest dietary sources of anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid known to possess powerful anticancer, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

In other studies, blackberries have already demonstrated activity against breast, throat, lung, and colon cancers, among others.

The health properties of blackberries are so impressive that several clinical trials are now ongoing, testing their effects on flavonoid delivery, key cancer markers in healthy people, and even helping with weight loss.

The best part? For all these benefits, an 80 gram serving of blackberries has just 34 calories! For dieters, this news is even better: the anthocyanins in blackberries actually help to speed up fat oxidation and has been shown to help reduce body fat in studies on animals. As for cervical cancer, a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, and legumes has been shown to help reduce risk as much as 40%—and blackberries could be an important addition for that extra measure of protection.

Although nothing tastes better than blackberries picked straight off of the bush in your garden, we are now well into fall/winter, so you will probably have to resort to buying your blackberries from the store if you want them these days… but that isn’t bad! Blackberries are still blackberries – yummy, healthy and great to snack on any time of the day!


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