CHRISTMAS SALE!!! Cash in now, only for a limited time!

  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  In the spirit of the season (and because we all know that we want to look and feel our best for the start of the new year), Heroic Health & Well-Being is quite pleased to announce a holiday special… Sign on for only 3 sessions – for the discounted price of $80 (plus HST)!!  This is a great way to explore what we have to offer and see if it is something that you want to work into your new year’s resolutions.

As for those of us at Heroic Health, our goals for the start of 2014 are pretty straightforward and simple:

  • Experiment with some crazy-interesting and mad-healthy foods and dishes whenever possible
  • Bump up the number of times we get to the gym ourselves… not just to train clients!
  • Incorporate some yoga breathing exercises before bed each day.  This promotes a deeper sleep and we should wake up feeling more rested!

See?  Easy!  You can also set goals as simple as these, and then feel great about achieving them  :)

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