Sean McCombe – Head Trainer / Owner

Heroic Health & Well-Being’s trainer, Sean McCombe

My name is Sean McCombe, and I am the owner and head trainer of Heroic Health & Well-Being.  I have been physically active for the past sixteen years and have been involved in the fitness industry professionally for the past ten years.

I am a graduate of Brock University with a Bachelor of Physical Education degree, where I majored in Disability Studies.  I also hold a Bachelor degree in Adult Education from Brock University.  I hold current certifications from the Can-Fit Pro organization and also have a current CPR and first aid certification.

I am passionate about being physically active and enjoy helping people to improve their lives.  I also enjoy cooking and fine tuning existing recipes to make them more health-conscious.  I also enjoy hiking, swimming and playing outdoor sports (such as basketball, flag football and baseball).  My training specialties are muscle/strength building, weight loss and muscle toning.  I do have experience in body sculpting, athletic performance development and endurance training as well.

While I realize that everyone has their own reasons for wanting to get in shape, I feel that I can also help you discover a true love for physical fitness and health at the same time.  With Heroic Health,  we feel that we design programs that cater to anyone and that anyone can be successful with.  The key is keeping it manageable.

When you sign up with Heroic Health & Well-Being, you are taking the first steps toward a healthier life. Let us help you discover a love for fitness!