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This week’s recipe is for a crazy-awesome breakfast sandwich

Did you like reading Dr. Seuss books as a kid? All of us kids in my house growing up did. The stories are just put together in such a way that they make us smile and the rhymes, though they

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Our “New Year, New You” plan has arrived!

2015 is upon us… and with this fresh new start comes a chance to set some goals for the new year. If you have goals that include thingslike getting in better shape or eating healthier, then we just might be

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“New Year, New You” Meal Plan – Week 1

Welcome to 2015!! This new year represents a new start, a fresh chance to really get going on your health and fitness goals. New years are a fresh chance to really get moving on changing how you live your life to

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“New Year, New You Plan” – the food

Welcome to 2015 everyone!! This new year is a fresh start, a new chance to hit those goal markers and achieve big things! So if you have goals for this year that include things like getting in better shape or

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“New Year, New You Plan” – the workout

While the meal plan/guide for our “New Year, New You“ program is only designed to be a month long, we have designed the workout plan to cover three months… you should achieve better results that way! This ultimate three-month guidebook will help

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This week, we bring you a great healthy Low-Fat Potato and Leek Soup recipe

If you are trying to bulk up the part of your recipe collection that is devoted to all things soup, then we have something that we think needs to be added. We call it Our Fantastic Low-Fat Potato and Leek Soup,

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sugar

If you were like most kids, then it makes sense that your parents didn’t want you eating sugar as a younger human being. It has a tendency to make kids hyper, unable to sleep, or just plain unable to calm

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This week’s recipe kinda got “squashed” to the end of the day (hehehe…)

Have you ever tried a spaghetti squash? Now if you are like me and have only just recently discovered a love of all things to do with gourd vegetables (my family never really eats them, so it wasn’t normal to

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10 Things Happy People Do Every Day

I am assuming that everyone out there knows someone who is going to fit this description pretty well… they seem to happy all the time, they smile at everyone, they are always ready with a hug and listening ear, and

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Good news for sweet potato lovers…

Good news, sweet potato lovers! Science has proven that Sweet Potato Inhibits Colon and Lung Cancer! Yes, it’s true – a protein isolated from sweet potatoes was shown in this study to slow the growth of colon cancer cells by

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