Are you using these in your everyday cooking?

Sometimes, it’s the little details that can make or break a dish when you’re cooking from scratch.  Little things, like the spices you use or the amounts of ingredients, can either completely amp up the nutritional value of a food… or it can take it down to mere junk food.  Luckily, adding spices typically adds health value (extra points if you use more than one!).

I came across this nifty graphic with a listing of some of the most beneficial spices that you can cook with (my apologies that they text is so small).  Now, bear in mind that these are the ones you might find in the typical North American kitchen, not necessarily a more ethnically-inclined one, so there is even more variety than you will find here in this list.  But it`s a great starting point, and just think of all the flavour that you will add to your meals!

My rule of thumb is simple: when food is tasty, you will enjoy eating it more.  The thing that so many people don`t realize is that it is so easy to make healthy food tasty!  Like I said, try adding some spices to your meals and see what happens.


Spices can add so much to a meal, it`s just a matter of test driving a few of them in your favourite dishes. Try adding these healthy options to your menu, and reap the benefits that they offer!

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