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Did you know how healthy the skins off of your garlic bulbs are?

Did you know how healthy the skins off of your garlic bulbs are?

Given the amount of garlic that all of us at Heroic Health headquarters tends to eat on a regular basis, maybe we SHOULD be saving the skins and then making tea out of them!

Another groovy use for the skins off of garlic bulbs includes using them as organic fertilizer for your veggie plants at home. The antioxidants aren’t just good for YOU… your plants love them too!

You can also save them in your freezer and then use them for your vegetable or chicken stock. You should technically keep the skins on your garlic bulbs when you roast them because the protective skin layer keeps your garlic soft on the inside.

You can eat the skins! Peeling garlic cloves removes the ­phenylpropanoid antioxidants which help fight the ageing ­process and protect the heart. It also turns out garlic skin is a major antioxidant. Plan on seeing it in all sorts of health products in the near future.

Whatever uses you come up with for your garlic skins, please share them in the comments section!

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