8 mistakes that are slowing your weight loss

This one is a re-post (we originally put it up back in the day), but that is just because we wanted to stress its importance! These mistakes can be extremely detrimental to your weight loss efforts and, if you aren’t careful, can even set you back in the other direction! Read on, and be aware of just how key this information really is…


Come on, admit it… even the most valiant weight loss efforts can be tiresome, especially when you aren’t getting anywhere with them.  And it’s true – everybody plateaus at times, whether it is in their fitness, nutrition or other efforts.  We may have habits or elements in our daily routines that we are not even aware of how much impact they can have on our efforts to improve ourselves.

But how do we help ease the impact of these sometimes-necessary evils?  This is one of those examples where knowledge is power and just knowing what to watch for can be more than half the battle.  Just keep your eyes open for these and see if it helps:

  • Your breakfast is not up to snuff: according to a 2013 study, it turns out that consuming a protein-filled breakfast could help to curb your cravings later on in the day… yet too many people refuse to make the time!  Looks like that lump of butter on that soggy toast just isn’t going to cut it anymore
  • Having the wrong balance of cardio to weights: if you think that you only need to do cardio-based workouts and that you can skip the weights altogether, think again!  Experts say that spending more time in the weight room will amp up the baseline amount of calories that you burn off throughout the day
  • You aren’t pushing yourself when it comes to weights: ok, so you’re spending more time in the weight room.  Good for you!  But are you noticing any real benefits?  That could be because you aren’t pushing yourself.  Using heavier weights for fewer reps can burn more calories than using lighter weights for more reps.  Try to use the heaviest weights that you feel comfortable with
  • Skipping meals before you work out is a no-no: don’t think you’re keeping your calorie count down just because you aren’t eating breakfast before you work out!  According to new research from the University of Arkansas, women who ate a high-protein meal before moderately exercising for 30 minutes boosted their calorie burn more than those who didn’t eat anything
  • Feeling lonely on the road to better health?  Get a buddy: according to a recent study, people who join weight loss intervention groups are more successful.  Even just working out with a friend provides great benefit, and you will be able to reach your goals together
  • Don’t stress out about the scale: learning to avoid anxiety and emotional eating can help you to cut back the pounds.  In a recent study, dieters who learned about stress management techniques lost more pounds than the people who did not get the same training
  • Diet isn’t do-able: just because a soda says that it’s “diet” and thus has zero calories, does not mean that it is good for you!!  In a recent study, overweight and obese dieters who went for diet beverages ended up consuming the same amount of daily calories as full-sugar drinkers.  Always aim for water instead
  • Skipping dessert isn’t effective if you are going for the bread basket: when comparing those pre-meal breads that restaurants so freely offer with having dessert, the results are shocking – it turns out that it’s actually better to go with dessert!  These breads tend to be loaded with unnecessary sugary carbs or preservatives, and not much good stuff  

  The solution is surprisingly obvious: just listen to your body.  It will tell you when to eat, how much to eat, what to eat… and what it likes and does not like.  Always aim for whole, unprocessed foods and skip the sugary juices and soda pop, opting for plain old H2O instead.  Add in making sure that you get enough sleep and getting in some moderate exercise each day and… look at you go!  You’ll be feeling and functioning better before you know it.


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