Expert Tips for Heart-Healthy Living

(NC)  –  “The first and most important steps in cholesterol management are lifestyle changes like a healthy diet, regular physical activity and no smoking,” says nutrition and physiology expert Dr. Chris Mohr, RD, PhD.

When it comes to diet, Dr.Mohl recommends staying away from foods that contain Trans fats.  To incorporate heart-healthy foods and ingredients into your daily routine, he suggests eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts and berries.

A new heart health supplement can also help Canadians manage their cholesterol, he says.  Cardioviva is a patented probiotic that works naturally through the gut and is clinically proven to lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.  Many adults need help maintaining a healthy cholesterol balance when they exceed levels recommended by doctors to help prevent heart disease.

“Cardioviva is a natural way to fill the gap between diet, exercise and medication,” says Dr.Mohl.  “In addition, healthy people who want to enjoy the digestive benefits of probiotics and also want to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol may benefit from this product.”


Sourced from The Mississauga News, August 22-28, 2013

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